Stonebridge Construction & Roofing Explain the Importance of Customer Experience in 5 Star Ratings

While word of mouth recommendations still play an essential role in generating a loyal consumer base, digital reviews remain crucial to ensuring a positive online reputation. Despite the importance of personal references, many customers turn to social platforms for information regarding a product or service.

A 2017 survey found that approximately 86 percent of consumers will consult review sites before using a local business, while more than 50 percent say they would only use a business if it averaged a 4-star rating or higher.

Stonebridge Construction & Roofing, a trusted and well-established roofing company in St. Louis claims that one of the best ways to receive a first-rate review is to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience. With a commitment to excellence, they take the time to explain how to increase the likelihood of receiving 5- star ratings online.

1. Create a Comprehensive Service Plan

The first step to ensuring a positive customer experience is to establish a concrete service plan. This document should outline customer service standards, official business policies, and function as a guide to handling consumer complaints.

According to the professionals at Stonebridge, each employee should be responsible for upholding a high level of service while maintaining company standards. As frontline workers are often the first point of contact, they play a key role in setting the tone for customer experience.

2. Ensure Effective Communication

Open communication is the key to running a highly successful business. Customers value transparency, so it’s important to remain open and honest in your professional interactions. While not every conversation will go according to plan, prioritizing the needs and expectations of your client will garner a sense of trust.

The experts at Stonebridge claim that body language and tone of voice are also significant factors when it comes to making a customer feel both valued and looked after. Take the time to understand the goals and objectives of each client while suggesting customized solutions.

3. Go Above and Beyond for Every Client

According to Stonebridge Construction & Roofing, the best way to ensure a great review is to exceed expectations. You’ll want to display a high level of knowledge regarding your product or service, but it’s also essential to remain personable. Look for ways to engage in a lighthearted conversation and take the time to listen carefully to their response. Likewise, speaking politely is a sign of respect, and will showcase your business and brand in a positive light.

4. Make it Easy to Leave Reviews

Asking for a review can be intimidating, yet most times satisfied customers are more than happy to leave a personal recommendation. Sending an email after completing a job is an easy way for customers to access reviews. Businesses can also send a follow-up text asking clients to quickly rate their experience on a review platform such as Google or Yelp. Businesses that dedicate time and effort to improving their products and services are often met with gleaming online reviews.

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