When a roof has been damaged by a weather event or other means, it will allow water to come into the home, causing further damage to the structure and interior. An emergency tarp or quick roof repair must be installed to mitigate the damage and then permanent roof repair can be done after the storm clears.

For many homeowners in the St. Louis area, storm damage is a real threat that could happen at any time. Strong winds can tear shingles off the roof, pull limbs off trees, or completely knock them down, which can then fall onto the roof and cause damage. Of course, a fire will destroy everything in its path and structures will often need significant repairs.

At Stonebridge Roofing, we understand that many roofing needs are not necessarily anticipated. Whether you need an emergency tarping job to prevent water from entering your home, or if you are already prepared to invest in a brand-new roof after a storm, call us for a free estimate.

Stonebridge Roofing is open around the clock to provide you with emergency services such as:

  • Emergency tarp services. A tarp can prevent further expensive damage to your property and is often covered by your insurance company. We provide this service when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Emergency roofing. Stonebridge provides expert emergency roofing services and is available 24/7 to get the job done at any time of day. Once we have secured your roof, we are happy to give you information and an estimate on further repairs that may be needed.

Hiring an experienced roofing company to handle your emergency needs can save you considerable time, money and headaches. Call us if you are in need of emergency roofing services, any time of the day or night.