Even a sound roof may fall victim to a severe storm, high winds, hail, or fire. Once the exterior of the home has been compromised, water can get in and cause untold damage to a house or business and its contents within a very short time period. When a roof is damaged, your property is left unprotected from the elements.

Emergency roofing services need to be handled immediately and can help prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of water and mold damage to your property. Rather than attempting to do the repairs yourself, which is unsafe and may cause further damage, a qualified roofing contractor can provide professional services to get your roof quickly secured. Every emergency roof repair is unique, but some emergency fixes may include:

  • Re-securing and adhering loose shingles
  • Covering the damaged portion of the roof with a tarp
  • Securing temporary shingles until further repair is possible

Some fraudulent contractors known as “storm chasers” blow into town when the weather is bad, promise to fix your roof for a low cost and disappear once you’ve paid them. Stonebridge is different. As a local St. Louis company, it matters to us that you get incredible customer service. A roof is a decades-long commitment and your roofing company should be too.

Why call Stonebridge for your emergency roof repair?

  • 24/7 response

  • Free, no-obligation estimates

  • Hassle-free customer service

  • A local company you can count on

  • Decades of experience with insurance companies and filing claims for roof damage

You should aim to finish your roof repair as soon as possible to avoid encountering another storm or weather that may cause more problems. Once your roof has been secured, we are happy to give you information and an estimate on any further permanent repairs on your roof or siding that are needed. Call us for your free, no-obligation estimate.