Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation in Saint CharlesYour roof and attic need to have a balanced ventilation system to have the longest life possible.

As a homeowner it is important you are aware of your ventilation options for your roof and attic. There are several different products available to ensure your intake and exhaust ventilation is balanced.

Attic ventilation products are categorized as either:

  • Intake ventilation
  • Exhaust ventilation
  • Both intake and exhaust ventilation

Both intake and exhaust ventilation are key parts of your roofing system.

Why do I need attic ventilation?

You need correct attic ventilation to keep your attic temperature and moisture regulated. Without proper ventilation several problems can arise such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Damage to the integrity of your roof
  • Etc.

Why do I need both intake and exhaust ventilation?

Intake vents are normally lower on the roof and allow for exterior air to enter the attic. This air travels up the underside of the roof deck and exits through the exhaust vents, which are normally placed toward the peak of the roof. If there is a proper flow of enough air this can help regulate the temperature of your attic and remove moisture.

Intake Roof Ventilation

The most common type of intake ventilation is soffit vents. Soffit vents are placed under the roof eaves along the length of your house between the joists. It is important to ensure that these are not blocked off by insulation.

If you home does not have any soffits or exposed rafters under the eaves then a roof mounted intake vent can be installed by a qualified roofing contractor.

Exhaust Roof Ventilation

There are several types of exhaust ventilation, have a roofing contractor asses your home to see which is the best fit.

  • Ridge Vent
  • Slant-back vents
  • Turbine Vents
  • Powered Roof Vent
  • Gable Vents

If you are not sure if you have proper roof ventilation give us a call at 314-344-3434 and we would be happy to inspect your roof.